Friday, December 8, 2017

Visit To The Neuro Surgeon

My lovely niece Kimberley came with me to London to see the neurosurgeon.

It was a easy trip Virgin train to Euston, then a tube to Hammersmith, after that a short stroll to Charing Cross Hospital.

He checked out the head scans that I brought over from Spain then informed me that I had three brain tumours!  He also informed me that he was certain that they are secondary tumours and that I have cancer somewhere else in my body and it has spread to my brain!

He will cut out the large tumour and use Gamma knife surgery for the other two, he is very optimistic about the brain surgery and wants to get it done before Christmas.  The problem of course is where is the primary cancer, Im booked in for a full body scan early Monday Morning.

My gut feeling is that it will be lung cancer, I have had a rotten cough that wont ease up for the last 6 weeks or so. I will find that out on Wednesday or Thursday.

So its going to be a long journey with an unknown outcome, If I get 2-3 years I will be very happy.

So after the meeting we headed off to Covent Garden to check out the market and lights etc.

We made our way back to Euston via Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.

It was a lovely evening after a pretty crappy day, we had a few drink and went to a lovely restaurant.

We finally get home about 22.30.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hardcore Boaters

I received my 2018 Hard Core Calendar today, its brilliant as usual.

We formed the Hard Core boaters back at Aston Marina when we all moored there  in the winter of  2012 and 2013. 

Whereas as lot of the boaters there went out occasionally we were constantly out eating and drinking, our main HQ was The Royal Exchange in Stone.

We became firm friend over those two winters and have become inseparable ever since.  

We have holidayed together in Cornwall, Northumberland and Mojacar.  We also went on many day trips together and of course met up on the canal system throughout our respective travels.

We have our own Viber group and we are all in contact daily.

The group consists of  me (Ex NB Caxton), Roly and Bev (NB Klara) Sue and Andy (NB Festina Lente) Martin and Cathy (NB Moriarty) Ray and Diane ( Ex NB Ferndale) and Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul).

Ray and Diane have now returned to live in Australia, the rest of them are still boating apart from me that is.

The MCC (Mojacar Canal Club) was also formed from this group of people, and apart from Ray and Diane will all be down there at some time over this winter. 

You couldn't meet a nicer group of people and Im so happy I met these guys back in 2012.

Many thanks Dot for doing the calendar x

Me and my best mate are July 

Cathy and Martin Mr and Mrs May 

Ray, Gordon, Dot and Diane are October 

Andy and Sue, Mr and Mrs September 

Gordon, Roly and Bev are April. 

And virtually everyone as December. 

Other happenings.....

We took the dogs out in the Jag, 

And took them for a walk around the lake. 

Tomorrow Im of to see a Neurosurgeon at Charing Cross Hospital in London, they wanted someone to come with me for support so my niece Kimberley is coming with me.

I haven't got a clue what he is going to say or do, its a bit like going to court for an offence, will I get a 3 month sentence or will he put the black cap on.

I have no doubt that I wont get too many answers tomorrow but will be the start of a journey I really dont want to go on.  I do have a good idea on what to expect as I was with Elaine for 3 years on her cancer trip, if I get the same care as her I will be very happy.

This is the chap here who will be checking out my brain

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Waiting Around

I have registered with a local Dr and have an appointment tomorrow, once I get the referral I then have to ring BUPA and find a neurologist, I dont know how it all works I just hope things start to move along so I can get some answers.

I haven't been doing a lot because there is not a lot I can do until I know what I am up against.

I have been walking around the area with the boys, the canal is just a few mins away plus there is a disused railway walk.

I had to take a photo of one of the thousands of roundabouts in Milton Keynes. 

Niece Kimberley has been starting work a bit later so she has a play with the three dogs before going to sort her horses out and going to work. 

Today I took the boys for a walk up to Dunstable Downs which was a regular haunt when I lived in Luton. 

The gliding club sits at the bottom of the downs

I didn't stay too long as it was freezing!

Thanks for all the kind words guys, it means a lot xxxx 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Back In The USSR...

Sorry I mean UK.

We had a good easy drive through Spain and France.

I drove for a couple of hours everyday, brother Russ did the rest.

Zaragoza was our first stop, it is a truly stunning city.

The view from the hotel wasn't too shabby.

We went for a walkabout before it got too dark, it was pretty damn cold.

We had a beer and kebab before heading back to the hotel for an early night.

The dogs travelled very well in their respective nests,

We had lunch on the road! 

We had another stop in Tours, France. It was a bit of a crummy hotel so we treated ourselves to a nice French restaurant nearby, an added bonus was that it was dog friendly.

Another early night and early start.

We arrived at the Channel tunnel terminal with plenty of time to spare. I booked the night before and chose a later crossing as it was £100 cheaper, however when we got there I asked if we could get an earlier train, no problem and no extra charge, it was the quickest I have ever caught the train, about 30 mins from arriving to boarding.

We had a quick stop at Elaine;s sisters house then left on to the last leg to Milton Keynes.

Then disaster!!! Friday night on the M25, The Woolwich ferry was out of action , the Blackwall tunnel was shut to trucks so the queue for the Dartford tunnel was horrendous, we didn't move for an hour and a half! 

We made it home about 20.00 Friday night, we left Mojacar at 09.00 Wednesday morning. 

Many thanks to brother Russel for doing a sterling job driving everyday, especially the last day, he drove for 10 hours.

My room is lovely, all freshly decorated and with a brand new bed, got to love family x

Saturday morning I went for a walk with Russell and the doggies to the lake which is 5 mins from their house.   

Today (Sunday) I went for a walk along the canal towpath at Soulbury and popped in the 3 locks for a pint, my first one in over 2 months!

Tomorrow I will start the hardest part of this journey, dealing with the gruppenfuhrer running the local Drs surgery.  

My Dr is in Macclesfield so I have to register with one in MK and you just know its going to be fun.

It should just be a simple matter of getting a referral from the Dr, ringing up BUPA and making an appointment with a neurologist and setting everything in motion.

I'm not sure how long I can keep writing the blog, I'm making so many errors, it normally takes me about 30 mins to write some drivel and put some pics on, now its taking at least an hour and a half. I dont know whether its  the affect or is it effect lol  of the tumour, or is it that there are so many things  going through my muddled brain that I cant concentrate.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

All Packed!

Finished packing up the car today, hopefully I will be coming back here in a few months, so I'm just taking important documents re our life in Australia, the UK and Spain, clothes, doggie coats, blankets and beds etc. Also packed all the electronic gadgets and chargers.

I have actually surprised myself with my organisational skills as you can imagine my head wasn't in a good place.

The vet was incredibly helpful and opened on Saturday morning so I could take Sammie up there to get his stitches out plus sort out the pet passports for their return to the UK, she charged me 6 euros!!

I got another friend to translate the medical report into English so the the UK Dr's can read it.

Sorting out the transfer of insurance from Bupa Spain to Bupa UK took me a couple of hours on the phone but we managed it in the end, the stumbling block was that you have to have 2 years continuous insurance with Bupa Spain before Bupa UK will accept it, but I used to be in Bupa Australia for 16 years and transferred that to Spain, so once I found the transfer papers for that we were sorted as I could prove that I had over two years continuous health care with Bupa, they wont insure you if there is a break in insurance of one day!

Health wise  I'm feeling great, the headaches and noises in my head have eased off a lot. I'm really hoping that's a good sign.

  The signs of a brain tumour are....

Severe persistent headaches, seizures (fits) Nausea, vomiting, weakness or paralysis of different parts of your body, vision or speech problems etc

I have had headaches, but not severe and only for 15 minutes, a feeling of pressure in my head and very loud tinnitus.

But the scan doesn't lie, even I can see it with my untrained eye.

Meanwhile back in the UK my brother, and his wife Tracy, have completely decorated my room, had new carpet laid with the help of a friend, and bought me a new bed. I feel so lucky to have a lovely family.

Its been a bit hard here saying goodbye to friends.

This one was really hard as she has been my biggest help in Mojacar bar none, she a a most beautiful lady inside and out, she left for a short holiday back to her hometown in Holland this morning so yesterday was our  see you later moment. 

Then Australia got flogged in the rugby, but the mighty Man Utd had a great win later.

I will say a goodbye to the rest of my friends down here on Tuesday night, it will be a early doors in the pub, I dont want a late night as we will be off at sparrows the next morning.

Its also going to be very hard saying goodbye to this view and my lovely villa but hopefully it wont be for too long.

Finally thank you for the king words, offers of houses to stay in and  boats to live on.  It really does mean so much and does lift my spirits.

I really do love yous all xxxxxx 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tumour Update

Its a bloody big tumour, but without going into all the details I now have to go to a neurosurgeon to sort out all sorts of tests to find out if its operable, is it benign or malignant is it a primary or secondary cancer.

The big problem is that Mojacar as lovely as it is is in the middle of nowhere so I would have to travel to a Major city which would mean  hotels, dogs in kennels and most importantly the language barrier would be horrendous especially with someone poking around in my bonce.

Sooooo  Im going back to the UK, I can transfer my medical insurance with Sanitas back to BUPA in the UK so I wont be a burden on the NHS.

Its all happening very quickly, my brother is flying out next Tuesday  so we will jump in the Jaguar and head back next Wednesday.

I will just shutdown the villa and hope that one day I will return to this lovely part of the world.

I have also contacted the real estate chappie back in Oz to put the place on the market, once again Im never going back there so why keep it.  I will then decide on whether to buy somewhere in the UK.

Its all very surreal but at least I know what I'm up against and it will be so much easier in the UK.

Thanks for all the kind words xxxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Didnt See That Bastard Coming !

As I mentioned in the last post I was going to see a neurologist as I was having headaches and other strange things going on in my head...more than normal lol.

I had a brain scan yesterday and then you usually wait a few days to go back and get the results, I received a phone call a couple of hours later to ask if I was still in the area (The hospital is about 80ks away) I said no Im home. They were looking at the scan and said I had a brain tumour ! They told me to come back on Wednesday, dont drive and bring some emotional support as its not going to be good. 

All will be revealed tomorrow (Wednesday)

As the title says, I didn't see that bastard coming !

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A New Post !!!

Its been ages since I wrote up a  post, I'm busy everyday but nothing exciting like when we were travelling.

The Jolly  Green Giant is back in Mojacar, he comes down two or three times a year.  Its an 8WD , converted rocket launcher, the owner  owns a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland , he's a friendly chap, it does a Max of 8 MPG!

Hes not short of a few bob so running costs aren't a problem.

The customs and rescue boats have been busy racing out to rescue refugees coming across from Africa.

It was the lovely Eva's 21st birthday so I took her to a nice beach bar where we had a very long lunch and cocktails. 

This young girl has done so much for me to drag me out of my dark days, which thankfully seem to be well and truly over. 

She is an amazingly mature 21 year old, I owe her big time. 

The weather is absolutely fantastic, still quite hot in the day but much cooler over night. 

Healthwise, I still have strange things going on in my head.

I have stopped drinking for the last three weeks (Apart from cocktail) 

I have cut out coffee and am eating much better.

I have been to the Dr a few times but the strange attacks are still happening so i'm off to see  a Neurologist on 3rd November.

Its a private hospital about one hours drive down the coast, elaine went there a few times, but at least i'm insured so the costs will be zero.